Building Design and Change of Use Compliance Solutions For A Residential Showroom in Osborne Park

In this unique project of building design, we were initially engaged to provide interior design selections and layout planning for a client’s residential showroom. The showroom, originally purchased for displaying new tile units and residential fittings, required not just aesthetic input but also significant regulatory navigation.

As the project evolved, it became apparent that an “unauthorized works and a change of use application” were needed, expanding our role to cover the entire build.

Our involvement grew to encompass comprehensive compliance plans, documentation, and securing council approvals, a testament to our adaptability and expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments. The client relied heavily on our guidance throughout the process, seeking our advice to fully understand their obligations and the steps required to meet them.

A key challenge was ensuring the showroom met stringent fire safety regulations, which we addressed by incorporating large, two-story high firewalls for fire compartment compliance. This solution not only fulfilled safety requirements but also seamlessly integrated with the showroom’s design, maintaining the aesthetic and functional goals of the project.

The successful completion of this project, from interior design to regulatory compliance, demonstrates our ability to handle increased scope and complexity, delivering a fully compliant and beautifully designed showroom that met all client needs and regulatory standards.

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