Collective Design Agency Working with Perth Hills Shire to Enhance Accessibility

Perth, Western Australia – 11 December 2023

In an exciting development aimed at fostering inclusivity within the community, Collective Design Agency is proud to announce its extensive collaboration with a Local Perth Hills Shire. 

This partnership seeks to bring about significant improvements in accessibility throughout council-managed facilities, ensuring that these spaces are welcoming to people of all abilities.

As a respected leader in the field of building design and accessibility, Collective Design Agency is enjoying working hand-in-hand with the Shire to make their vision of a more inclusive community a reality. With a portfolio that highlights their dedication to creating accessible and aesthetically pleasing spaces, Collective Design Agency is committed to helping the Shire transform its facilities.

One of the key aspects of this collaboration is to ensure that public buildings, parks, and community centres under the jurisdiction of the Shire are designed and modified to meet the highest accessibility standards. This includes adhering to Livable Housing Australia standards and implementing universal design principles that prioritise the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Keira Nicholson, the owner of Collective Design Agency, expressed her enthusiasm for this initiative, saying, “We believe that every member of the community should have equal access to public spaces. It’s empowering to work alongside the Perth Hills Shire to bring about positive change and create a more inclusive environment for everyone.”

We are certain that The Shire is equally enthused about this collaboration, seeing it as a crucial step toward achieving their goal of creating a more accessible and inclusive community. By working with Collective Design Agency, they aim to set an example for other regions and municipalities to follow.

This joint effort is not only about physical changes to facilities but also involves raising awareness about the importance of accessibility and fostering a sense of community that embraces diversity. It’s a holistic approach to inclusivity that extends beyond bricks and mortar.

The collaboration underscores the power of partnerships in driving positive change within our communities. We can look forward to a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all residents and visitors.

For more information about Collective Design Agency’s involvement in this project  or for a review and solutions to building accessibility, please get in touch.

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