Building Design And Documentation For Change Of Use To A Class 9B Training Facility in West Perth

For a project in West Perth, involving building design, we tackled a 1970s office block undergoing a transformation into a Class 9B training facility. This building, featuring cantilevered suspended concrete construction across multiple levels, required a comprehensive review of access, fire safety, and structural integrity due to its change in use.

Given the building’s public nature and two-level design, introducing a lift was initially considered necessary. However, challenges related to the building’s structural integrity and limited space led us to seek alternative compliance and design solutions.

Working closely with a building surveyor and an access consultant, we developed strategies to meet regulatory requirements while acknowledging the constraints posed by the existing structure.

Our collaborative effort resulted in innovative solutions that bypassed the need for a lift, focusing on enhancing the building’s accessibility and safety through other means. The fit-out and renovation process is currently in progress, highlighting our ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and structural challenges to meet our clients’ needs.

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